Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday!

Don't forget to vote today!
(Go Mitt!)


Laurie said...

I actually get to go "caucus" on Saturday. Being a zonie, not quite sure what to expect. It should be interesting!

Laurel said...

Voted like a good American. Go Mitt.

Mandy Stewart said...

Go Mitt.... I wish I could have voted more than once.
Hey, I made my blog private so send me your email so that I can send you an invite.

Summer said...

I have been so into politics this year, following all the debates, and was so excited for Super Tuesday. In which it was kind of a let down for me. I just thought Mitt would do so much better. Not that he did horrible - but McCain rec'd so much support and he's so left on a lot of issues. I just get so mad. I really feel like conservative people don't vote - at least not this election, and not in AZ. I just don't understand how people can't care - this is our duty and our future. I don't know that Mitt has a chance now but I'll keep hoping and praying! Anyway - thanks for letting me vent! You are the only blogger (besides me) who even mentioned voting.