Wednesday, February 20, 2008

It wasn't my fault!

I know this looks bad, and it is, but it really wasn't Rusty's fault.  Okay, it was, but let me explain.  
Rusty will only lay on his dog bed.  He is lost without it.  He's really picky when it comes to dog beds.  It has to be a soft material or he won't lay on it, and it has to be fluffed up just right or he won't settle down and go to sleep. Before he lays down he always fluffs his bedding.  He scratches at all the sides of the bed until all the fluff is in the middle, and then, and only then, will he lay down upon it.

The other day it was time to clean the cover because it was starting to stink, so off it went into the wash.  That night, Jeff and I were to lazy to get up and take it out of the dryer and put it back on.  Well, Rusty went to his bed and fluffed. But because the cover wasn't on it ripped open and went everywhere.   
To be honest, I think he was really annoyed and just wanted his old bed back.  Stupid dog and his soft bedding!


mother of seven said...

This dog is a hoot!!!!!

Laurel said...

Your dog has got your number. He cracks me up!

nlindley said...

Can you imagine what he was thinking? "Lazy humans. Can't get up to put my bed back!" Good post. The ones about your dog always make me laugh.