Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Walk in the Rain, Cozy by they Fire

That title sounds romantic doesn't it?  When it pertains to Rusty, it is anything but...
He didn't get his walk in on Sunday - we slept in.
It rained all day Monday, so again, no walk.
It was raining again this morning, but he was fed up and driving me crazy, so I finally agreed to walk him despite the rain.
 Now he is enjoying drying off by the fire.  He has it so tough.
Spoiled Dog!!!!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Damask Wedding Cake

This is a cake I did for my cousin Rindy.  I love how elegant it looks.  

The calle lily's on top were so pretty!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Rusty (It's a love/hate thing)

My friends and family know that I love my coonhound, Rusty.  But I also am quick to tell them how much I can't stand him as well.  
For instance....

He constantly raids my recycle bin and frequently litters the back yard!!  

He never picks up after himself - EVER!!

He his sooooo naughty when he thinks no one is looking.  If you aren't careful, he will lick the butter dish dry.

A closer look...

The other morning I kept hearing him bark (actually howl - he's a hound)  but couldn't find him.
Eventually his howling led me to the side of the house where he had gotten himself tangled up in my tomato cages.  Yeah, that was not fun trying to get him out!
But it made me laugh and I guess that's why we keep him around.  
He definitely makes us laugh.