Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Smoke and Mirrors

"You are so amazing!   What can't you do?   How do you keep it so together?"   

The other day someone said this to me.  While although it fed my vanity just a little, I chuckled to myself.  

I can't and don't!

I am far from perfect and struggle with my own shortcomings everyday.  Last night I stayed up until 2am decorating silly cookies.  Here's what my house looks like this morning.

I love those compliments, but I have to tell you... don't be fooled.  I only blog the good stuff. Why would I blog about the negative in my life?  That's no fun to read.   I want to look back at all my blog posts someday and think... hey, I had it pretty good.

I am a real person with real struggles just like everyone else.   Just wanted to make you feel better about yourself today!  (And don't you?)


Laurel said...

Yes, I do. Thank you! Cause today my beds aren't made.

Brent & April said...

You have just burst my bubble. I will never look at you the same!


julie williams said...

I tried to email you today to get those recipes for the potatoes and tortellini salad you did with your mojo chicken but it came back. What's your email address? I want to get those recipes from you if I can. Love the house, but don't believe it looks like that very often.

Mandy Stewart said...

I have meant to write you and tell you the exact same thing as your friend. You make me laugh. Oddly enough it does make me feel better to know you struggle with everyday stuff. But I still think you are amazing and talented! thanks!

tiffany knox said...

I post everything good and bad because I appreciate the advice from people that have survived the pre-school years! I love your post today -keeping it real, but I bet all the laundry is done and your house is clean once again as soon as you shot the pictures!

Cherstin said...

Wow, It does make me feel better. Is that bad? I feel closer to you now. How silly is that! LOL

Sara said...

Oh, you know you just made my day! Thanks!

Angie said...

Thank you! I have have several rooms that look very similar. It's nice to know I am not alone.

Summer said...

Thanks for making me realize I am not alone! You have just motivated me to do nothing to my house today ;)