Friday, January 25, 2008

WAL*MART {It's a Love/Hate Thing}

Things I love about Walmart
  • Lower prices on about everything.
  • Right down the road from my house
Things I hate about Walmart
  • Their produce {bleh!}
  • Their check- out lines. {I unload my cart very specifically so that all the heavy stuff is together at the beginning and the fragile stuff is at the end, otherwise they throw them into the same bag and crush everything.}
  • Their customer service.
  • The smell.
And yet, the things I love about Walmart are enough to keep me coming back.  I wish I wasn't such a cheap skate!


briansarahannah said...

I hate how loud it is. Instead of using their radios or department phones, I swear the employees have whole conversations with each other over the loud speaker. Shouldn't that just be for quick announcemnts?

Cassie said...

You got this right on! LOL the smell!!

Debbie said...

We were at walmart the other day and I was with Aleck..He had some money to spend and had two cars he was buying..The cashier told him to put that money in his bank and he subtracted the cars from our order and gave them to him for free! I thought that was so nice.Other then that..I HATE walmart! Fry's prices are just as good!

tiffany knox said...

my kids always try to answer the people on the loud speaker and they answer just as loud. even though walmart isn't as nice just know that arizona walmarts are much better! there are only three walmarts in all of utah county and theyre always so packed its impossible to even go down the isle ever and I am a big produce person and refuse to buy it there so I have to go to a different store for that anyway- the worst part is walmart is 25 minutes away.

Sara said...

I was a dedicated Target-only shopper and swore I would never return to Walmart after experiencing the gross Walmarts in Tucson. However, I have to admit, since the greenfield/mckellips one opened up, I have succumbed to the low prices. But, I try to go incognito... hat pulled down, sunglasses...I'm not proud...

Cherstin said...

I live in the Walmart capital of the world. Arkansas. This is where it all begain. And it's a sin here if you don't have a walmart on every corner. I Do all of my shopping there because it is cheap and right down the road. I also love that i can get anything i need in one stop. However. the quality of their stuff is very poor. And the people who work there have no idea where anything is or know anything about the product if you need help. If their was some place that was as cheap as walmart then i would shop there. but in all honesty there isn't. It's sad actually.

The Cutchen Crew said...

I am not a fan of Walmart either I prefer Target or Bashas but the prices keep me coming. Plus the fact I can go late at night in my PJ's if I have to and fit right in. Got to Love it!