Thursday, January 10, 2008

Rusty the Cannibal

This is Rusty my dog.  And this is a picture of what he does all day long.
The other morning my friend Becky and I took our dogs for a walk in the patch of desert behind our home.   Rusty ran off and came back with something dangling from his mouth.  It looked like a furry rodent.  I of course didn't take it out of his mouth because I didn't want to touch it.  He eventually swallowed it.

So the next day, I went back out and he went to the same spot.  I followed him to see what he was eating.  And this is what I saw...
Yes, that is a dog leg sticking out of the ground, and yes... my dog was digging it up!
Here's Rusty with a tasty morsel in his mouth.
My parents were walking with me this morning, and I made my dad pull this furry bone out of his mouth.  Does anyone know how to sanitize a dogs mouth?

One word:  GROSS!!!!!!!!!


Alice said...

I think I'm going to throw up.

Laurel said...

Did he lick you yesterday? If so, do you need a shot?

Who is burying their DOG in the empty lot?! At least they could have dug a little deeper!!!

And is it possible for dogs to be cannibals?

briansarahannah said...

That is disgusting!
Now that I think about it, he did always like chomping on Andi's legs. Good thing she was too quick for him.

Laurie said...! Gross! That's way sicker than when Red eats poopy diapers!

Eldon said...

Thanks for confirming why we are never going to have a dog.

Don't ever let me catch you swapping spit with that dog.

Jenson Family said...

That is seriously disgusting! I barfed a little bit in my mouth when I was reading that :) J/K! But seriously! thanks for documenting it though - it made it a way more believeable story for the blog!!! You rock!

elizabeth said...

oh. my. sick.

Summer said...

Okay- that is seriously nasty!! How do you sanatize a dog's mouth? Our dog - Duke - had a dead mouse in his water bowl and 2 live mice in his food barrel. That grosses me out - I was wondering the same thing - how do you clean their mouths - without having to touch it? Oh these silly dogs!

Megan said...

Oh dear.