Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Today I am hanging out in my grubs all day long.  It's time to organize!!
That's right - every drawer, cupboard, and pile is getting an overhaul.

At the top of my list for 2008 is get my office organized, painted, and usable.  This is the year folks.  After 3 years of having to shut the door to the office because I would die of embarrassment, I am fixing it up.  I want it to be a room I can stand to work in and be proud of.
 I can't bear to put my new IMac in there.  It's gotta go!

Happy Cleaning!


Mandy Stewart said...

Hi Melissa. I saw your blog on Tiffany's Blog. It is fun to see you guys via the computer. I see you guys had a Merry Christmas. Keep in touch. I'll check on you all again!

Laurel said...

Aw, my friend. I wish I had your energy and vision today, but alas, I woke up with a cold. So, I guess, what I'm getting at is...when you're done over there could you come on over and get started on mine? Yes?...Hello?...Hello...?

My goal is our loft. It will be painted and overhauled this month. That is, of course, after I declutter the master closet and bathroom drawers. They are driving me batty!

Goodman Gang said...

Go for it, Melissa. My office is the best thing I did in my house. It is a place we all want to be in now and I always know where everything is.

Jennifer said...

Oh good luck. Come over here when you're done!

Summer said...

Please tell me that is not a picture of you office...cause if it is - how much do you cost and when are you coming over? Except it's not just my office - but toy room and closet :)