Thursday, January 31, 2008

More of Rusty

You know I only post about my dog Rusty for my brother Eldon.  He is dead set on never owning a dog and I am okay with that.  Now I just love to fuel him with reasons why never to get one.

Today I was restocking my food storage buckets with white flour and powdered sugar.  I do this outside so as not to get white dust all over the house.   I accidentally spilled some on the ground and Rusty was there to lap it all up.

He created quite a sticky paste in his mouth and couldn't stop licking his lips to try and get it off.  I laughed and laughed at him and decided it served him right.  I didn't even offer him water. Hee hee!   (There you go Eldon... yet another reason).

But isn't he cute!


Shari Goodman said...

reson number 121 why I will never get a dog.

Shari Goodman said...

correct spelling, "reason."

Eldon said...

Keep it coming. My kids try and wear me down, but you give me the strength to keep saying NO!!!!

Laurel said...

Is Eldon also anti-american? Anti-apple pie? Anti-Norman Rockwell?

Isn't it every American father's duty to give his children the opportunity to grow up with a mutt?

Come on, Eldon. Where did your inner child go?

(Please tell him that I can not help myself to twist any knife.)

Sara said...

I know he's a pain. But, dang...he's cute!!

Jenson Family said...

Ooooh! He is too cute! But I'm with you - we will NEVER have a dog. But you know, what would you post about if you didn't have good ole' Rusty??? I would miss your funny posts!

Summer said...

Last picture - so precious - BUT the 1st two - if I saw him coming I'd run the other way. Looks like raibies (spelling?).