Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I am giving myself a timeout.  I could sit here and blog all day long, but the next few days are so busy, that I have to take a short break.    

I will be back when I can behave myself and get my chores done without spending to much time on the computer.  I need to be productive this week.  (cookie bouquets, ward parties, kids, laundry, etc.)

Plus it's my birthday on Saturday, and if I am a really good girl, I have a feeling I will get a new "pink" nano and lot's of itunes gift cards.  (Hint to my hubby)    

So here's to a really productive week!


Summer said...

Happy Birthday on Saturday! I hope you get that PINK nano!!

Cherstin said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! I also have a birthday this month. Flash back time.... I was thinking about all the birthdays that are coming up andit reminded me of Grandma Junie birthday calender that she had hanging up by the back door. She would always say this month had the most. I'm sure she still has it and uses it. Those are some good times:) Anyway, Have a good Birthday!!

Eldon said...

You go girl. I will post a couple extra in your absence.

Lauren said...

Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy BIRTHDAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Happy birthday to you!

I love birthdays. Hope yours is Great!

tiffany knox said...

happy 25th birthday Melissa!

Meredith said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I called you, I hope Sam told you. She said you were at the movies...hope you had a great day! lets do lunch or dinner next week

mother of seven said...

Ok your time out is killing me? What will I read if you are not blogging:)
Ps.... did you get the nano?
Happy Birthday..... Hopefully you had time to celebrate:)