Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hillbilly Hootinany

Well, I can finally relax this week.  With Valentine bouquets and ward parties last week, I am feeling wiped out.  Here are some pictures of our ward party.  It actually turned out great, so I am passing on all my ideas for anyone else stuck with this calling.

My mother in law did this fabulous art work for me at the "hitchin post" where couples could have their pictures taken and sign a marriage certificate.  Here's Monique and I trying it out.
Hillbilly hoops was a hit.  Thanks to Bern for the use of his very CLEAN toilets.
We decorated the tables with newspaper and duct tape, ate out of pie tins, and used mason jars for the drinks.  We served "mormon moonshine" and water.
This picture doesn't do it justice, but the clothesline was a nice touch.  We served dutch oven stew ("varmint" stew) with biscuits, and dutch oven cobbler with ice cream.  Delish!
I don't have a picture, but I made garlands out of pop cans and trash and hung them over each doorway.  We added accents of raffia, garbage, old shoes, and old hats all over.  I made a playlist of hillbilly music on my new ipod and it plugged right in to the system.  How cool is that!

We had pie eating contest, pig calling, barber shop quartets and lot's of joke telling.  I was pleased that it all worked out, and now I am excited to have a week to clean up my house and catch up on laundry.  Yeah!


briansarahannah said...

It was a good activity. We figured we'd just eat and run since we had Hannah with us, but we were having so much fun we decided to stay. All I could find were some torn up jeans, but Brian had all kinds of hillbilly items in his closet...sad. Will you email us if you got any pictures of us from that night?

Laurel said...

You guys are amazing!! I was so sorry I had to miss it. Not sorry to spend time with sister, niece, and mom, but why do all good things have to happen at the same time?

Anyhow, from all reports, the party was a gigantic success. You deserve a rest!

Britany said...

So sad that I missed it, but we also had a house full of people in town.

It looks great (as always when you are in charge!!).

Shari Goodman said...

Such a cute idea, I will definately pass that along to my ward.

Eldon said...

Wow. We do things a little more low key out in the mission field.