Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Presidents Day Story

Once upon a time there was a very attractive man named Jeff.
He decided to take his friends and family on a geocaching adventure.  He boldly led the way into a flooded wash where the treasure was hidden.
It was very sticky and muddy and moms were freaking out that children were ruining their new basketball shoes.
We crossed great rivers (or small streams) in hopes of finding the treasure.
The attractive mans wife thinks this is crazy, but it's so much fun she decides to continue on and support the handsome man.   Eventually they give up and decided the treasure must have washed away with the rain.
Back into the "Tom Car" they go to seek out yet another treasure.
Success at last!!   And they lived happily ever after.  (Actually, the moms were happy when they got all the muddy laundry done).  

Yeah for treasure hunting!


Amanda said...

It looks like you guys have so much fun! What great memories and traditions you are building with your kids!

Britany said...

How fun - well not the dirty part, but the family together-ness part!

By the way, Allison is my new favorite activity days girl - she is as competitive as me playing games!!

Laurel said...

That looks so fun!!! I need to know how to do that!--Geo..whatever it's called--not following Jeff into washes.

Laurel said...

Although I would you know. I'm so outdoorsy and all. I really am!!

Laurie said...

Fun! You guys always think of fun family things to do. I can't wait until the snow melts and we can get outdoors!!! It's been in the low 40s this week - shorts weather!!

Anonymous said...
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Megan said...

I would have LOVED this growing up! I used to go outside and dig in the dirt to find "treasure". I would find little shell looking things. Then I moved onto bigger and better things...picking all the flowers off my neighbors rose bush to make perfume. Looks like fun Melissa!

Anonymous said...
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