Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Book of the Week

I have been asked what happened to the 'book of the week'. Well, my friend Jen, wrote a 500 page book, and I was lucky enough to do some editing for her. It took me over a month to get through it. (I think she will be famous someday!)

Anyway, here's a book for you. Life of Pi, by Yann Martel. This is an incredible story of a man who's ship goes down in the middle of the ocean, and he is stuck on a life boat with a tiger. I have never read anything like it. The end is a kicker. It really throws you and makes you want to go back and figure it all out again. Don't worry, I didn't give anything away.

I have heard from others that they thought the beginning was slow (I didn't think so). Stick it out - it's well worth it!

Happy reading!


Heather said...

I've heard nothing but raves about this book, I should buckle down and just read it. Also, love your new picture!

Laurel said...

Can you believe I haven't read this? Shilo may strangle me if I don't. She LOVES it! And thinks I am just shameful.

Laurel said...

She may be right.

Linnea said...

You recommended that book to me awhile back and I really liked it. I love your new picture too.

Megan said...

Dave and I loved this book. Not only is it great but an easy read too. He has a great sense of humor and I love the true story aspect. A MUST READ!!!

kt said...

I loved this book!!!