Wednesday, October 10, 2007

So Excited!

I am so excited because I just started my first class in Cake Decorating!
I'm a little overwhelmed at all there is to learn, but I'm loving it!
Hopefully I will be making beautiful cakes like this someday!

I'm also excited because I'm going out of town to visit my brother Brent in the mountains. I haven't seen their new baby for a while or new house - so we are taking a road trip.
I will be back on Monday!

PS. I got a camera today!!!!!!!!!


Meredith said...

yeah, i cant wait to TASTE the cakes :) what camera did ya get??? I want to see it..take lots of pictures this weekend!

Lauren said...

Have fun on your trip...Im so glad you got a camera!

Heather said...

Fun! I'm so glad you're taking that class! You have talent for things like that and everyone needs a cake decorator in the family... and a doctor if you're feeling ambitious :)

elizabeth said...

Yea! How fun that you are taking a cake class.

Funny, that cake looks a lot like the one I made for one of my cake show finals in culinary school. I blogged about it here:

Scott and Abby said...

Hi Melissa! This is Abby Eaton. We used to be in your ward. Im a lurker on your page and just wanted to let you know that I tried the Fudge Striped Cookie pudding recipe and IT WAS A HIT!!! Everybody loved it. Thanks for the post and keep the yummy recipes coming!! I want to try them all.

Laurel said...

What?! No oragami class? Before you know it, you'll be taking orders. By the way, how did the volcano cake turn out?

Megan said...

This looks like fun melissa! We had a shop open up not too far from here called DippiDee. She makes cakes ad cupcakes like this. AMAZING. I will send you a pic of Lukes b-day cake and Aubrey's from last November.