Wednesday, October 3, 2007


I am sorry, but I really like my cousin Alice, and she tagged me. Here ya go!

5 Things I was doing 10 years ago...
1) Learning to be a mom
2) Running a lot
3)Teaching in Relief Society
4) Living on my own because Jeff was back east training as a special agent
5) Running a lot

5 Things on my "to-do" list today....

1) Clean my house (everyday)
2) Lot’s of laundry
3) Go to the plant nursery with Shilo and Becky
4) Plant my garden
5) Repot the plants on my back porch and stain the planters
6) Call the doctor
7) Take the kids to soccer
8) Try to find time to make dinner
9) Read to, kiss, tuck, get drinks of water, and put the kids to bed
(I guess I was only supposed to do 5, but there are just too many things to do today)

5 snacks I enjoy....

1) Chips and salsa
2) chips and salsa
3) trail mix
4) pears
5) If I was being really bad, dry cereal right from the box

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire...

1) Pay off my house
2) Help my family
3) Build a cabin
4) Service
5) Service

5 bad habits...

1) Not managing my insulin better
2) Staying up late
3) Worrying to much
4) Trying to please everyone
5) Being hard on myself

5 things I would never wear again
1) Half the clothes in my closet
2) Shoulder pads for sure
3) Jeans with the bottoms safety pinned (1980’s)
4) Blue eye shadow and pink shimmer lipstick
5) Claw bangs

5 of my favorite toys....

1) My computer
2) My bike
3, 4, and 5) I am pathetic and can’t think of anything else. I so need to get out and have more fun!

5 people I tag....
(sorry if you've done this before)
1) Laurel
2) Brittany
3) Meredith
4) Eldon
5) Monique


Laurel said...

I completely enjoyed your lists. Now I want to know what you are getting at the nursery. You know I am a total copy cat when it comes to gardening. As Tim Gunn is to fashion, you are to my garden. I am late, late, late this season. Haven't even tilled. Am I in super trouble? My pulse is up even talking about it. AAAAAAACCCCKKKK!

Brent & April said...

Insulin??? Am I missing something? Do you have Diabetes?


Melissa said...

No, I have reactive hypoglycemia (opposite of diabetes). When I manage my insulin through a very specific diet, symptoms go away as well as fluctuations with my thyroid.

Alice said...

Thanks for doing it. I liked reading about you.

Britany said...

Fun to read about you! I did one very similar a little while back so I am going to take a "rain check" on your tag, LOL! :)

I remember last year when you taught a gardening class at the park. You are an amazing gardener!! Maybe when I grow up I will give it a try :).

Summer said...

Never rule out blue eyeshadow and pink shimmer just never know ;)