Monday, August 20, 2007

Can you spare a square?

Okay, so we're at the movies with our friends the Pomeroy's, and Becky and I decide to use the restroom before the show.

So we're right next to each other in the stalls just like in the video clip.

Becky starts the whole, "Can you spare a square?" thing. I start laughing and teasing her back saying, "I just can't spare a square... no square to spare".

I finish up and proceed to the sink to wash my hands. I am waiting and waiting but Becky hasn't come out of the stall yet. What the heck is she doing anyway?

When she finally emerges, she didn't have the nicest look on her face. Apparently, she wasn't kidding and really needed a square.

Being the airhead that I am, it never crossed my mind that she really needed some. I thought we were just being funny and showing off our knowledge of Seinfeld episodes.

Becky had to reach under the stall and get her own square because I wouldn't spare. She's forgiven me and I promised to always spare a square in the future.

Sorry Becky.


Mrs. Bryant said...

HA HA! You are a goon but we love you!

Meredith said...

that is so funny. And i CAN SOOOO see you not catching on :)

Heather said...

Hilarious! Glad I finally got the internet working so I could see the clip too. Why is the bathroom always so funny?

Cindy Thomas said...

MELISSA! I have been in this situation tooo many times (your friends) and have always been SOOOO grateful for that person "next stall over."

Laurel said...

Just this weekend I had to ask a stranger to spare a square. She was much nicer than you, thank heavens! That is laugh out loud funny!!

Eldon said...

Funny. Even though I never had to ask for a square. Ahh the benefits of a penis.