Thursday, November 13, 2008

Rusty Strikes Again!!!

Rusty has been at it again.  Remember those gingerbread storefronts in the last post?  
They were so cute I hung them on a wreath I had on the wall just so I could look at them until Christmas.
When I came home today, this is what I found.  Mind you, the wreath on the dog bed was ABOVE the other wreath.  Is there no end to what Rusty will do?
How ironic is it that I have a scent hound who is ADDICTED to sugar, and I decorate cakes and cookies.  HA!  I am not laughing!!

Not only am I not laughing, I am pouting and require your sympathy.  So this weekend, I invite you to get to know this adorable, annoying hound better, by visiting some old posts about my dog, Rusty.

If you don't have much time, I would recommend 3 of my favorites.  It wasn't my fault,  Into the belly of the beast,  and the all time GROSSEST story in the history of dog-dom,  Rusty the Cannibal

If you have any extra time, I like this story too.

Would you get rid of this droopy faced canine?  Cast your vote on the right.

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