Monday, November 3, 2008

Cookie Fundamentals

I have had countless people asking me questions about cookie decorating.  I have debated on whether or not to devote a blog post to this or not.  The truth is, if I were to give detailed step by step instructions, this would turn into a book.  But if I don't give step by step instructions, your cookies won't turn out very cute.

So instead I am going to turn you to where I started - books.  This Martha Stewart Cookie Decorating book  (it's more like a magazine) is the first one I grabbed back when I started.   I has great detailed instructions with helpful, pretty pictures.  

This is a great place to start if you are really interested in cookie decorating!   You can find it by clicking the link or at your local craft store.  I found mine at Michaels.


Robyn said...

You read my mind! I was going to ask you if you had a primer on cookie decorating. Thanks!

Brent and April said...

Plus, if you give all of your secrets away, people will not need to buy your cookies! : )

Ryan and Jayme said...

You should teach a class...I would love to come and learn from you!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to check out that book, we love to decorate cookies.

Did you make the cake (pictured on your blog)? Love it! If you did...could I use your picture on my blog for my 1st Blogiversary?

Elizabeth said...

You could tell everyone your secrets, but I still don't think they could do what you do - you are incredibly talented.