Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I teach a little singing group and last night we had our Christmas performance. It turned out nicely and the girls + 1 boy were delightful. Here's a few pictures of everyone crammed into my family room.

During our dress rehearsal, one of the little girls told me that she keeps hearing the songs we've learned on the radio and that she can sing along.

That's why I love doing this.


Eldon said...

This is why I wish we lived near you. Our girls would just love this.

Laurel said...

Having Logan in your group is a blessing and joy. If she wasn't the one who said that, she could have been. One day while we were in the car, Silver Bells came on, and her eyes got all big and she said, "Hey! We sing this song!" And when she started singing along my heart nearly split wide open. Thank you, thank you!

tiffany knox said...

okay it is amazing how much you can accomplish in a short amount of time!I know I sound like grandma- she's always wondering why we all have so much energy! your house is beautiful- thanks for writing!

Meredith said...

looks like it went great! They all look cute..even the boy :)