Thursday, December 6, 2007

Disney's Enchanted (trailer)

I saw this over Thanksgiving weekend and LOVED it! Has anyone else seen this?


Laurel said...

Yeah, we saw it. It was almost love for me, like the time I had a crush on Doug Daniels: almost love, but the ending ruined it for me. I've never felt the same about that guy!

What the heck happened at the end? Did the monster just fall off the roof? I didn't get it. And truth be told, I was really excited about Susan Surrandon in the role of the wicked queen, but I didn't like her at all.

But--that said--Patrick Dempsey is yummy and Amy Adams as the princess is a total delight!!! Her making her clothes out of the curtains? So funny, and the big musical numbers...I'm pretty sure I was in love during those.

Summer said...

Okay...I SO SO SO want to see this and we haven't done it yet. Now you have motivated will be done! We just have to ditch our 1 year old somewhere first :)

Jennifer said...

Yep. Loved it. LOVED IT! Susan wrote me a text the next morning about standing on her porch and calling to the wild but nobody came to clean her apartment. So discouraging.

Still dreaming of my true loves kiss! :0