Monday, December 3, 2007

It's Good To Be Back

I am so excited to relax a little this week.

After 20+ years, my parents have moved from the blue Victorian house I grew up in. This last week was busy packing and unpacking and saying goodbye to the old house.

What really killed me this week were the 37 gingerbread houses I made for our ward party Saturday night. Yes, I volunteered for it, but it took me a lot longer than I had calculated. It was a success and I had so much fun watching each table decorate their house.

This morning, Jeff leaves town for the week, and I think I might kick back and watch some Pride and Prejudice - who knows!


Laurel said...

You are such an over achiever, and a nut! I can not believe all the work you did, but I have to say, the party was a HUGE success. My kids were super fans of the gingerbread houses, but I don't envy you. That was a mountain of work

By the way, I've missed you in blogging land. I'm glad you're back.

Now take a break already!

Cindy Thomas said...

WOW! Pulte, move over! That's incredible! Christopher saw them and commented, "Mom, I want to do that again." So...

Laurie said...

37?! You're nuts! Now you really DO need a vacation.

Lauren said...

I swear you are wonderwoman! Seriously, I don't know ANYONE who would voluntarily make that many gingerbread houses and do such a great job on them!

Could you please send me some of your creative juices???

Summer said...

Pride & Prejudice...MY FAV! I love the newest version AND the 6 hour version...depends how much time I have! Always a keeper for when brad is gone.

And 37 gingerbread houses...WOW! Next time...just say no...LOL - I know you volunteered, but seriously, that is way too much work. I hope you didn't just tie yourself to this every year. You are a saint!!