Thursday, September 27, 2007

Wacky Hair Day

Yesterday my kids had "wacky hair day" at school. My two oldest, being on student counsel, get really into it and go crazy. Sammi pinned Barbie clothes all over her head with a sign that said "Barbie was here". Allison had a major Fro going on and we sprayed her hair all different colors.

Nathan, my 6 year old today (happy birthday), doesn't have much to work with so he said he just wanted orange hair and that was good.

So we hosed his head down with a nice
fluorescent orange. His little friend across the street came over to walk with Nathan to the bus stop. He saw Nathan's hair and wanted his head sprayed just the same.

After a phone call to his mom, we hosed his head down too. They were so happy as they walked to the bus.

Funny thing is, last night when we washed his hair, we discovered that
orange didn't want to come out. YIKES! Yes he has a pumpkin head this morning. And even better - so does his friend across the street.

So, if you are planning on orange hair this Halloween, and want the color to stick around, I highly recommend the product in the picture! It colors great - and then some. Hee Hee!


Cindy Thomas said...

Maybe I should use that product for my grey :O (or is it gray)

Melanie said...

Hey!!! Where's the PICTURES of Sam & Al's hair!?!

Lauren said...

Um, does that stuff come in honey blond with highlights by any chance? my hair lady is getting a bit expensive....

Dance Mama said...

I think I'll pass on the orange hair product. Sounds exciting though!

Melissa said...

Read my previous blog and you will see why I didn't post the pictures.

Brent & April said...

The can says Temporary. It just doesn't specify what temporary means. Four months is temporary.