Monday, September 10, 2007

Vacation Memories

We spent the last 5 days with my brother Eldon and his family at Disneyland. Here are a few pictures!
Here are the girls with the lovely Jasmine!
This was a Nathan approved ride... not to scary!
Eldon made sure we stopped off in frontier land to shoot the rifles.
It was pretty fun. I even think Eldon out shot Jeff!
Here we are at the California Adventure Park.
The roller coaster behind us is my favorite ride!!

We ran into so many fun characters to sign the kids autograph books.
I highly recommend the character dining.
We had several characters visit our table!
Here's my little pirate.
Loved the Aladdin show.
This is just outside the theatre.
Click on this picture and you will see Jeff and Eldon holding hands.
What a bunch of girls!
Nathan wouldn't get in any pictures with girl characters.
What's up with that?

We had such a great trip. The best part was that it was Disney's off season and the longest we ever waited for a ride was 20 minutes (and that was for Peter Pan). AAHHHH.... it really is the magic kingdom!

But we are home again and it's back to the grind! I just have to get over my incredibly stiff neck. I can't decide if it was the backpack, the kids, or the whiplash from the rides, but my neck is completely out today. Am I getting old or something?


Britany said...

Looks like you had so much fun! What a great time of year to go. Cute pics!

Meredith said...

looka likw you had a ton of fun :) I love the hand holding picture! Was it hot??

Linnea said...

I can't wait till my kids are older!! How fun!!

Laurel said...

I always knew you were a little "stiffnecked!" Me too. You know what finally made a ton of difference to my neck--the ergonimic pillow. (is that spelled right?) And yes, I now pack it on trips because if I don't, I pay dearly. And also yes, that makes us very, very old.

Also, tell Jeff I am glad he enjoyed his romantic weekend...with YOUR BROTHER! That shot is hilarious. What a girl!

Glad you all had a great time.

Eldon said...

Two things.

Yes I out shot Jeff at the rifles!!! (we just wont mention Buzz Lightyear)

And I have always told Jeff to be more discrete. But he just can't quit me!