Tuesday, September 25, 2007

This is how I feel right now. We had a fun birthday dinner at a restaurant with friends for Jeff's birthday. And yes, I did -that is LEAVE MY CAMERA ON THE TABLE!!!!!!

Unfortunately the waitress or bus boy or whoever, is not honest because it is not in the lost and found.

I hope they enjoy my camera while the batteries last because funny thing - I have the charger. And - oh yeah - I hope they get some good pictures developed - but oh, funny thing, I have all the cords for that too!

So whoever you are - enjoy my camera!! In the meantime, I am dying because I can't take pictures of anything. Bear with me until I purchase a new camera. Dang it!


Laurel said...

NOOOOOOOOOO! I'm so sorry. What a bag-over-the-head-punch-in-the-face! Curse those dishonest people in the world!

Britany said...

That is horrible!! I hope they realize they can't do much with it and return it. So sorry!!!

Meredith said...

that sucks! Staci told me about it tonight. Did you do it cause you wanted a new camera ??!!!

Mrs. Bryant said...

I just wanted to say a big "thank you" for doing what you did today on ETSY.

My ego and bank account needed it.

P.S. I'm really sorry about your camera. Jerks.

Lauren said...

Oh Dear!!

Im so sorry...i'd be lost without my camera-hopefully you'll find one better than your other one..on sale :).

Dance Mama said...

That is so lame about your camera. One time when I was at ASU Institute I left my brand new leather jacket in the bathroom hanging on a hook in one of the stalls. About an hour later, I realized I had left it there and it was already gone. So every day I would write a note in the lounge of the Institute building that said how sad I was about my jacket and how nice it would be if the person who had taken it would just return it anonymously. I suggested that they could just put it on the couch next to the chalkboard where I was leaving all of my notices. Well, my sad sad notes must have finally made someone feel bad, because one day, after 3 whole weeks, I went into the building to write my sad note and there was my jacket on the couch! So, I was thinking maybe you could make little inserts for everyone's menus depicting your loss and maybe sometime the thief would come in to order food and see your sad note,feel bad, and return your camera.

Megan said...