Monday, July 30, 2007

The Vacation Run Down

Allison, McKenna, and Tanner couldn't wait to get soaked by Shamu at Seaworld!

We had fun torturing Sammi after we buried her in the sand.

Allison and Mckenna posing after a long day at the beach!

Alexis and I are listening to the guided tour aboard the USS Midway, retired aircraft carrier.

We had a lovely evening at the park with my brother Eldon's family and friends (and lot's of kids).

The adults enjoyed talking while the kids were playing! Mindy made a delicious salad and Eldon cooked up the burgers - it was yummy!

We had a great time! It's good to be home again and out of the sand!


Laurel said...

Finally! I thought you were never coming back. Hope you had a great time. I'll be home Friday night. We need to catch up!

Melissa said...

We so need to catch up! I miss everybody.

Mrs. Bryant said...

Um, we were totally at Sea World the same week as you! How weird! I saw so many people I know at Sea World.