Friday, July 20, 2007

The Envelope

I was recently helping a friend organize and plan for her food storage.

She kept asking me how much would it cost her to get her year supply. I asked her how much could she afford?

She wanted a number, a goal she could shoot for. She wanted to save up the money, then get her supply.
I advised her otherwise.
I told her to get and envelope. Every month, place as much cash in the envelope as you can spare, $20, $40, whatever.
Just keep doing this every month.
When you have a good amount saved up, call the cannery and schedule an appointment.
Jeff and I like to get a bunch of couples together, go canning, then go to a nice dinner afterwards. It's not a bad date night, and we did something worthwhile.

I don't know the exact amount it takes to get a year supply. I just know what I could afford each month, and I did this until I had everything on my list.

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