Sunday, July 1, 2007

Back in the saddle

I don't have a new computer yet and I still haven't taken that photoshop class.

But the truth is, I miss blogging and don't want to wait forever.

The Good Apple.
Funny name but it is the name of my favorite little health food store in Apache Junction, Ariz

I always find something fun there.

Some new little treat or idea.

It's a funny little store where all the "snowbirds" grab an ice cream cone and sit outside and people watch.

Blogging reminds me of that funny little store.

Sharing some new little find, a new friend, a new recipe, a new idea.

There are those out there more clever than I, and much more creative and inspiring.

I am "Plain Jane".

I keep things simple and simple is what you will get.

So here's to blogging!

I am Back in the Saddle Again!

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Eldon said...

Great intro. Can't wait!!