Friday, March 14, 2008

Well, the kids are out of school and Spring Break has officially begun.  The kids and I will be heading to Show Low to stay with my brother and family.  Sammi and I are hitting the slopes for a little one on one time and hopefully we will catch the last snow of the season.  

I hate to do it, but I won't be blogging until April.  I am swamped with to many things to do, so I need to step away and be productive for the rest of the month.  Don't worry, I will be back with lot's to blog about.

Until then, have a great Spring Break and a happy Easter!  


Brent & April said...

Melissa, you are so lucky to have such a cool brother that you can go and visit. It must be paradise living in Show Low, AZ.

elizabeth said...

"NO!!!!" says the hypocrite.

I totally understand but I will miss you.

mumovearls said...

your blog looks totally AWESOME! wow who made your banner? Just joking! I'm so glad you liked the Banners i made for you, I always worry about satisfying people. I am coming to AZ sometime in the future so I'm taking you up on those cookies! I'm from Washington but i have family in Mesa! -nena
Enjoy your banners!

amy said...

Loved the cookies. They were a hit! Thanks so much. Have a great March!

Melissa said...

Thanks for the great cookies! They turned out beautiful and it was fun to give away something so nice!