Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Easter Ideas!

Easter is coming quick!  I LOVE making Easter egg cookies.  These are my all time favorite.  If you need some fillers for your kids baskets, I am selling large Easter egg cookies, personalized in a bag with ribbon, for $3 dollars a cookie.  I know my kids would love it if it had their name on it.
Or if you are hosting Easter at your house, what about a cookie bouquet for a centerpiece and your guests could each take a cookie home with them.  Just thought I would throw that out there.  
I will take orders up until a week before Easter.  
(P.S.  If you are worried about that fact that I don't worry about germs as stated in my previous post -rest at ease.  I run a tight ship in the kitchen).


Amber said...

laurels friend-Amber, HI!
I wished you lived here so I could devour and maybe even give away these cookies and cakes.
I wanted to comment on your happiness post. I loved, it and always love the reminder of letting go of ourselves and giving to find happiness and how simply true it is. Thank you. Love checking your blog too.

colburn's said...

You are so talented with cookies and cakes! It's Charlotte, I would love to order four cookies. 1 for Brexton, Cote, Mom and Dad! How much are the center pieces and what about a cake for a 7 year old boy? maybe a skate board theme. Let me know how you want to do the billing, See ya in class it is great to have you, Jeff and the crew!

Sara said...

Hi Melissa! I would love 5 cookies...1 for Max, 1 for Cal, 1 for Elle, 1 for Ethan, and 1 for Mia. They are adorable. My email is sarams@cox.net and I can just come pick them up from you.Thanks!

Laurel said...

Can't wait to see what you come up with. Do yourself a favor and tie Rusty up! ;0)

Melissa said...
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Melissa said...

Wow! Julie told me to check out your blog when she started hers. I have loved peeking in and of course you helped me out during my "deleted blog" crisis. Tell Jeff hi from us (it has been about 10 years).
I would love to order some cookies for Easter, are you ready?....I need 7 with names on them:
Devan, Robyn, McKay, James, Ashlyn
Kim, Carolee, and then 7 without a name on it, totaling 14. Thanks! My e-mail is tfarnsworth@cox.net

Jennifer said...

Man do you ever make the cutest stuff. Problem for me? I'd eat every last one of 'em!!

amy said...

It's Amanda's sister, Amy. So I'm assuming this is where I'd place my orders. Cute cookies and I'd like four of the personalized ones please: Gib, Ruby, Charlie and Eli. Let me know how to pay and how to pick them up. Good to hear from you the other day. I'll keep checking in.

Amanda said...

I loved my valentines one so I would love to place another order 5 - Todd, Sam, Lily, Roxy and Hank. Thanks

Amanda said...

Melissa wondering if I could get 4 more

Debra, Allie, Barb, and Jesus