Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Poor Doggy

My girls tried to give Rusty a "Princess Leia" makeover.

Sometimes being a dog is ruff!


Laurel said...

Oh Please! I'd totally let someone screw around with my ears if I could get away with lazing around all day, eating crap off of the counters, and barking at people all I want when they annoy me. (Some days that might be a lot.) Rusty's got the life, man! He's got you right where he wants you! Don't let those sad doggy eyes fool ya!

Jenson Family said...

The ears are the funniest part! Poor Dog! I can't believe that the dog cooperated!! That is cute!

Chad and Laura said...

Melissa this is Laura Cummard and yes I read your blog. Anyways I had tears running down my face at this post. The ears tucked in just like I do to Brooklyns hair is hillarious.