Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Movie Stars

Jeff's mom is in charge of putting together a video for the 80th anniversary of the Mesa Arizona Temple.
Jeff and I got to pose for some photos.

In the video, the picture below of early temple goers will morph into a picture of present temple goers.

What a stud, leaning up against the car!


Eldon said...

I don't know. The old guy has a little more lean and a lot more swagger with the way his hat sits a little crooked on his head.

Jeff's gotta step it up man. Can't let no 19th century guy show you up.

Lauren said...

Aren't y'all just the cutest family!

Also Im catching up on posts...girl you are amazing! that cake is gorgeous! And I bet it was delicious-

Jennifer said...

What a cute picture. Clever idea!

elizabeth said...

As if we didn't already know that your family is ridiculously good looking!