Thursday, June 30, 2016

Spontaneous Disneyland Trip

This past weekend was a fun one.  I got to sneak away with my daughter Sammi and two good friends, Kim and Kaye.  We drove to California Sunday, hit Disneyland all day Monday and drove home Tuesday.

 It was fun to leave our cares and worries at home and just play for a day.  These guys were so sweet to put up with me as I love the Tower of Terror and I made them ride it first thing.   Seriously, that is my favorite ride.  I can't stop giggling the whole time.

But the coolest thing of all was that I got to spend time with Sammi.  I love having an adult child.  She is so funny and clever.  I love to adventure with her.  She is an amazing person and friend.  It's fun to learn from each others life experiences.  I will miss her so much when she leaves to go back to school in August.   I'm glad we had a little vacation together this summer.

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