Monday, April 27, 2009

Ragnar Rundown

Oh what a fun weekend!!!  Bear with me as I post a bunch of random pictures from the Ragnar Relay LA!  Here we all are at the finish line at Dana Point.  Yippeee!!
Check out our cool team shirts that me and Wendi made!
(We all live in the "Villages" community,  thus - The Village People).
Here's Jeff handing off to me at exchange 36.  
Could you ask for a better view while running?
My husband had to be funny and wear short running shorts and spandex just to make us all laugh.   He kept us laughing the entire time!
Here we are at the start line full of nerves and excitement.  It was cold in Santa Barbara!  BRrrrr!
Here we are handing off again!
Van 2 waiting for the handoff.
Here's the whole team crossing the finish line together!!!
Here we are tanking up getting ready for our next run.
Good times.... good times!!!

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