Wednesday, September 24, 2008

No Time To Think

I've had a lot on my mind lately and feel like blogging about it.  But the truth is, I am to exhausted to blog right now.  This week has been busier than ever and I haven't had time to do anything but keep my head above water.  So I will have some nice deep thoughts for you when I have a moment to spare.  In the meantime, have a lovely weekend!  (Yes that means I will not have a minute to spare until Monday).


lundgrenville said...


I echo your same sentiments in saying that this week has been exhausting for many. Take an hour and get a hot bath in your jucuzzi tub!! Its refreshing! :)

Jessica and Bradley James Olsen said...

Hi Mell,
Ditto, I was just called to be YW president. whoo hoo? yikes I still feel way to young at least its like hanging out with the girls when Im at mutal? haha I hope that things are smooth with you. I saw your darling cookies from Sunny mesa's mutal, darling, my sisters had a blast and they just love you!

Madge said...
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colburn's said...

Melissa, sorry to blog bother you but I don't have your email anymore. I know you like to make cakes and one of my friends makes these totally cool cakes including the one you have pictured below and she is having a cake making workshop. All the info is on her blog at I can't believe I remembered your blog address! Hope you are doing great you look fabulously in shape!!! ps this is Charlotte from the gym.

Laurie said...

I'm laughing that you are blogging about not having time to blog!!!