Monday, September 22, 2008

Drum Roll Please!

I have to say those were some pretty funny stories and I got a good chuckle out of some of them!   But Laurel played the trump card with the jingle story.  Click here for a good laugh.

That's right Laurel, you won!  Debbie, you were a close second.  Pretty funny stuff.

Thanks for playing and making my day!  I am still smiling!


ThaneTheBrain said...

Darn... Pam told me about the contest, so after last night, I had a great story to add:

He said, she said…

First Pam:

What is it about men, boys and the whole "pull my finger" joke?

I was just sitting in the kitchen talking on the phone when a commercial for Prop 102 came on. I pointed to the TV to get Thane to look. He didn't look so I began pointing more vigorously.

My sweet 40 year old husband then looks up at me and says, "What, do you want me to pull your finger?" and he starts laughing.

How can I expect my little boys not to laugh at this kind of humor when their DAD is still making "Pull my finger" jokes. Not to mention the fact that I'm pretty sure all my brothers and brother-in-laws would be laughing too.

Again, it must go back to the "WHY" chromosome that all men are born with....

From Thane:

I'm sitting at the table reading the Sunday paper. Pam is at her computer talking to a friend on the phone. Suddenly she turns in her chair and starts pumping her finger in my direction. What else am I supposed to think she's trying to do?

Laurel said...

I won? I won! Goodness, me! I never win anything. Thank you thank you thank you! You know I am in love with your cookies...or cakes...or cinnamon rolls...or bread...okay, stop me now. I'm getting hungry!

Debbie said...

Oh come on! That was fixed!! JK
Congrats to Laurel! :)

cindy.n said...

This link is for you Laurel!