Thursday, August 16, 2012

Our Alaska Vacation

Jeff and I took an Alaskan cruise this summer.  It was such a nice break to get out of the heat!  But can I just tell you, I have never been colder in my whole life.  You will notice that I am wearing the same thing in almost every picture, but thats because it was unseasonable colder than normal and I wore every layer I had, EVERYDAY!!!

Here we are with our good friends, Becky and Wayne getting ready to leave the port.

They are my favorite traveling friends.  So fun, and so easy going!  Wayne has the travel books memorized and makes our trips so incredible!

First port of call in Ketchikan.  I was sooooo cold!!!  

It was such a beautiful place!  

The highlight of Ketchikan was the float plane ride we took through the mountains and landed on a secluded lake.  I can't even describe how incredible and beautiful it was.

Icy Straits was exactly that - ICY (BRRRRRR)!!!  The only thing good about that place was the warm crab and hot chocolate.  Seriously to cold to enjoy.

Okay, It was beautiful too.

The best part of the entire trip was the float plane we took out of Juneau to the Taku Lodge.  Can I just tell you, if you ever take an Alaskan Cruise this is a MUST!

You land in such an amazing spot right in front of a glacier. The lodge is so quaint and cute.  The bear warnings were no joke - they were everywhere!!

The food was so FANTASTIC!!!  Really, it was worth the whole trip just for that meal alone!!
Fresh caught salmon, homemade biscuits, steamed fruit, coleslaw, homemade baked beans.  And the cookies!  Oh I am getting hungry..... (I am pretty sure I gained a few lb's at this one meal alone).

The whole time this bear was sitting in the tree, drooling over our fresh cooked salmon.  Poor fella.

This was the coldest part of the cruise by far.  But what a spectacular view of this glacier!

At this point I didn't care what I looked like - I just wanted to make sure my face didn't freeze off.

After the cruise was over, we spent the day up at the Alyeska Ski Resort.  I wish I had more pictures of this place.  Incredible and so beautiful.  

It was such an incredible trip and I am so grateful to my wonderful in-laws for making this possible.   Thanks again, Dan and Connie!  We love you guys!

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AliceK[i]ND said...

Wow, what a fun adventure! And you are so gorgeous and photogenic! :)