Sunday, August 28, 2011

Arizona in the Summer

Yes I tend to get a little salty and bitter when the Arizona summer temperatures creep up to the + 110's.
But when those beautiful, loud monsoon storms hit in August, there is nothing like it anywhere else in the US.
My son was actually inside playing on the computer, and I demanded that he put on his suit and get outside and enjoy the storm.
He gave me the " Ahh Mom" bit, but I would have none of it.
He was going to play in the rain and that was that.  I am such a mean mom!

It's these sweet moments that make the summer's bearable.  It's these sweet moments that make motherhood so fun!

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Connie Lee said...

When I first moved to Mesa from the East coast and saw people running around in the rain, I thought they were crazy. "Don't they know enough to come in from the rain?" I said. In the East rain is a frequent and uneventful experience. After moving to Mesa in July, it wasn't long before I was eagerly praying for rain... and, YES, running out in the rain when it finally came. Hooray for the monsoons! I loved the photos and the enthusiasm.