Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Finding the Fire

I think my husband has talked me into an olympic distance triathlon in March.   I have always been competitive and loved to push myself, but over the last few years, I seemed to have lost my fire.

I don't know why that is exactly.  Maybe because my kids are busy with sports and school and homework. Maybe it's because I am busy making cake.  Maybe because I went back to school.   Maybe it's because of health problems.  Maybe because my body is getting older and doesn't recover quite as fast as before.  Whatever the reason, I just lost it.

But I really miss that part of me.  I want her back.  I want to allow myself to compete and let a little of my competitiveness go.  No need to win the race - just enjoy the ride - right?

So as I am stepping it up again - getting myself out of bed at 5 am - I am rediscovering the old me - the fire.  It is good.  I like this.

I think it might just be the trash talk that will soon come into play and my deep rooted desire to beat my husband in the race so I can gloat for months afterwards - who knows?  All I know is SHE'S BACK!

Win or lose - GAME ON!!!!!!!!