Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Uno Cake

I am such an airhead.  A couple wanted this cake for their 1 year olds birthday party.  The whole time I am making the cake I am thinking -"one year olds can't play uno".   Then someone said to me...."UNO = ONE".  Duh.  I felt sheepish.  Pretty cute idea - I am just a little slow.

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Arika Zee said...

Melissa amazing job on the UNO cake! I am looking to make one for my Uncle's 50th. Could you help me w suggestions? Do I need to buy red, black and white fondant to make this cake? Do I layer 2 large sheet cake pans on top of one another- any suggestions would really really help. I'm new at cake decorating and trying to teach myself. Thanks in advance- and love your blog! Really inspiring posts :) I have shared this with others in my cake decoraters club!