Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Start of Something New

I have had a lot of people ask where I have been lately in the blogging world.  The answer is BUSY!   A friend and I are in the process of opening a bakery.  We should be up and running in August or early September in Gilbert AZ.   We are specializing in cakes, cookies, cupcakes and anything else that is sweet.  We are "The Sweet Studio".
This past weekend we set up shop at the Phoenix convention center to kick off the new business at the Wedding Expo.  (Our booth was soooo cool!!!)   
April (the boss lady), Heather and I have never worked so hard in our lives.  We served thousands of cake samples - seriously we couldn't keep them coming fast enough.  I think our cakes were a hit.  We worked so hard to get ready for this show - baking and decorating like CRAZY!!!!  Here are some more pictures of the cakes and cookies we displayed.

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