Sunday, March 29, 2009


This week, I feel blessed.  I was busy.  I was stressed.  I am sick.
  • My mom dropped everything to run to Walmart for me and pick up some silver polish - came over to my house and polished my cake stand - just because I needed her to.  Then she dropped off some school supplies my daughter forgot to take with her when she left for school that morning.
  • My friend Penny drove all the way to Phoenix to pick me up some extra fondant because I didn't measure right and needed - okay - like 10 more pounds to cover the monster wedding cake I was working on.  Seriously - all the way to Phoenix!!
  • My husband has been so patient this week.  The house is sticky.  I have strep and a fever.  Tonight I just developed a cold sore.  I have two more cakes and a cookie bouquet due this week.  He is a good man.
  • My friend Jen directed the choir for me today because I still feel sick.  (She is better at it than I am anyway).  She didn't even bat an eye when I asked her, (I called her on the phone) she immediately answered "yes" and took over.    What a nice friend.
  • A very kind "mystery man" carried the 5 tier wedding cake down 2 sets of stairs because I had a temperature of 101, and thought I was going to drop it.  (Imagine if he dropped it!)
As you can see, I have been the recipient of much kindness this week.  I feel very blessed to have such good people in my life.

Thank you. 

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