Monday, February 16, 2009

Ragnar Relay - Just Might Be the Death of Me

What have I done?  Oh my H -E - Double Hockey Sticks!!!!!!!!!!!

Last night I got a call from a good friend who is running in the Ragnar Relay in 2 weeks.  Apparently one of their team members is injured and so they need someone to substitute. Why oh why do I get myself into these things?  Yes - I got suckered in and said yes.  How bad can it be right?  This morning I got some more info as to what I am expected to do.  AAAAAHHHHHHH!  (I'm just freaking out a little - just a little!!!!!!!

I will be running 3 legs of the race in a 24 hour period.  Here's the description I got.
Runner #10 (me) - 1st leg - 7 miles / very hard
2nd leg- 6.2 miles / hard
3rd leg - 3.1 miles / easy

Here are some of my concerns....
  1. I can only run about 6 miles, or at least that's all I have been running, on very flat ground.
  2. What does very hard mean?
  3. What they heck is my poor body going to be feeling like when I am done?
Deep breath.  I can do this - right?

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