Tuesday, October 7, 2008

If only

If only I had more time in the day, I would spend it making these spooky cake pops.  I really want to make these - but when?  Plus, then I would have to eat them and that wouldn't be good for the thighs.  I will just keep looking at them and wishing.


Cherstin said...

I was looking at these cute little treats today as I was blog serfing and when I saw them I totally thought of you. When I check up on you from time to time I always think to myself "how does she have the time for all this?" You truly amaze me. So don't feel so bad. Your still AMAZING!!!!!!

Jessica and Bradley James Olsen said...

Melissa, My sisters thought that your cookie activity in the SM ward was so fantastic. They loved the cookies and they love you!. I wanted to ask you if you would do a similar activity for my YW the end of October the 29th. I know that you are wicked busy, but I would promise you and Jeff a weekend at our fabulous cabin in payson or something. I am brand new with my whole presidency and this is a cute Halloween activity. Let me know either way so I can egg your house if you cant. haha. Love ya tons.